Terence McKenna – Time Acceleration

14 11 2011

Parking Lot at the Center of Time

29 09 2011

Amazing, trippy artistic portrayal of a story based on a premise by Terence McKenna.

Thrive documentary trailer

20 09 2011

This documentary appears to be an impressive and timely mash-up of fringe and esoteric memes such as exopolitics and free energy with key points of societal change such as the monetary system and sustainable living practices.

website: http://thrivemovement.com/

The Temple Mount UFO. Jerusalem, 1/28/11.

1 02 2011

I saw this first video a couple days ago and my first impression was that of utter astonishment.  (If you watch full-screen you can see flashing red lights in the sky after the ‘orb’ flew back up.)

Even though the reactions of the two guys seem so authentic, I quickly became skeptical and considered it to be fake.   Today, more videos, such as those below, have cropped up recording the same event, and again, the people’s reactions are just way to real for this to be simply post editing effects.  Whether it’s alien in origin or some type of human-made, holographic technology, it seems to have actually occurred:

and the following was taken by the other guy from the first video:

and here is all three synchronized:

The video below also was released which has been shown to be a hoax made with this photo.   The other videos still haven’t been throughly debunked, however.

UPDATE:  The exact same event (descending orb, flashing red lights) also occurred at the same time in Utah.  Footage & news report:

and a few weeks earlier this interesting footage was recorded at the same location in Jerusalem.  Notice the tourist in the grey shirt pointing at the object before it comes into frame.

UPDATE 3:  DANG IT!!  Looks like the other 1/28 Dome of the Rock videos are part of a hoax too.  So annoying! >.<

Wake Up Starseeds

1 02 2011

I’m not one to post too many “new age” meditation/visualization videos, but I stumbled onto this and was deeply taken aback by it.  From the sounds of the music to the series of images to the words of the message, this lovely video is poetic and wonderful.   ♥

Steven Greer: What’s Really Going On

1 02 2011

Very nice recent interview with the founder of the Disclosure Project concerning the current state of geopolitics as it relates to exopolitics:

The URZI Case: A UFO Mystery In The Skies of Italy

12 11 2010

Possibly the most detailed and close up video footage of UFO ever released: