Sacred Economics

3 03 2012
Fantastic insights into past, present and future economics.
12 minutes, very highly recommended:



A primer on 3D printing

24 01 2012

Must see.

Who Is The Problem? Corporations or Government?

1 01 2012

Here a dozen Venn diagrams to help us figure out this most pertinent question:

RAP NEWS 10: #Occupy2012 [The Terencendental McKennical singularity]

22 12 2011

Outstanding Rap News report from Robert Foster!!


The Incredible Future of Medicine

21 12 2011

We live in dramatic times.

Some ‘Seasteaders’ Changing Course to Form Autonomous Libertopian City-States Within Willing Countries Like Tropical Honduras

19 12 2011

Patri Friedman (that’s Milton Friedman’s grandson to you), who stepped down as the chief executive of the Peter Thiel-backed Seasteading Institute in August, has resurfaced as the CEO of a new for-profit enterprise named Future Cities Development Inc., which aims to create new cities from scratch (on land this time) governed by “cutting-edge legal systems.” The startup may have found its first taker in Honduras, whose government amended its constitution in January to permit the creation of special autonomous zones exempt from local and federal laws. Future Cities has signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding to build a city in one such zone starting next year.

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Treason in the US Senate

5 12 2011

We are on the brink, folks.
Politically oriented individuals should definitely watch this, especially occupiers, tea party and 99%. It regards private security contracting of uniformed, armed police and the purchasing of traffic camera and communication device Fusion Centers for privatized spying on demonstrations.