Paul Stamets at TEDMED 2011

26 02 2012

Must-See Paul Stamets TEDMED talk about some truly awe-inspiring developments in medicinal and economic mycology:



The Fungal Fantastical

24 01 2012

Preview for documentary about mycology and the work of Paul Stamets.

“Deadly Monopolies”: Bio-colonialsm and medical corporatism: organism, gene and human tissue patents.

20 11 2011

Watch or listen to the 45 minute interview here.

From Democracy Now:

One of the major themes raised by the Occupy movement is the increasing power of large corporations over more and more aspects of our lives. We spend the hour looking into the issue of the corporate control of life itself. Our guest, Harriet Washington, is a medical ethicist and has just published a book that examines the extent to which what she calls the medical-industrial complex has come to control human life. In the past 30 years, more than 40,000 patents have been granted on genes alone—many more patents are pending. Washington argues that the biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies patenting these genes are more concerned with profit than with the health or medical needs of patients. Her new book is called “Deadly Monopolies: The Shocking Corporate Takeover of Life Itself—And the Consequences for Your Health and Our Medical Future.”

Bleeding Heart Libertarians

6 10 2011

One of the most elucidating introductions to the “intellectual traditions” of libertarianism I’ve ever heard.   Very thought-provoking and concise.   Highly recommended if you’re interested in politics or non-politics.

Interesting how the individual and the collective form a spectrum.  And that is where all form and pattern originates.  Between the particles and the waves. ~

Jason Silva on time, intelligence, language, psychedelics…

5 10 2011

and 50 other things in less than 2 minutes! :D

But really, these quick Jason Silva videos are wonderful.  Watch in full screen.





More info on each of the videos (and more rants by Silva) on his vimeo page.

Sci-fi abilities of 6 real life plants

23 09 2011

Via disinfo via blastr.

Plants don’t get enough respect as sci-fi monsters. Sure, Triffids will always rule, but sci-fi baddies tend to be mutants, zombies, vampires and other altered mammals. This is in ignorance of plants’ amazingly creepy special abilities. To prove it, we’ve dug up six plant skills that freak us out more than Godzilla.

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Thrive documentary trailer

20 09 2011

This documentary appears to be an impressive and timely mash-up of fringe and esoteric memes such as exopolitics and free energy with key points of societal change such as the monetary system and sustainable living practices.