Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell on the Importance of Psychedelics in 2012

30 12 2011

Wow. What superb clip.  Perfect for sharing!!



Buddhism & Psychedelics

11 06 2011

Below is a 10 minute video of Buddhist scholar and lama, Mike Crowley, discussing sacred elixirs in Buddhist and Hindu history, followed by an excellent, recent 1-hour interview with him going deeper into this fascinating topic, conducted by Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media.


And click here for the Gnostic Media interview.  This is must-listen for anyone interested in Buddhism or Hinduism.

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The Temple Mount UFO. Jerusalem, 1/28/11.

1 02 2011

I saw this first video a couple days ago and my first impression was that of utter astonishment.  (If you watch full-screen you can see flashing red lights in the sky after the ‘orb’ flew back up.)

Even though the reactions of the two guys seem so authentic, I quickly became skeptical and considered it to be fake.   Today, more videos, such as those below, have cropped up recording the same event, and again, the people’s reactions are just way to real for this to be simply post editing effects.  Whether it’s alien in origin or some type of human-made, holographic technology, it seems to have actually occurred:

and the following was taken by the other guy from the first video:

and here is all three synchronized:

The video below also was released which has been shown to be a hoax made with this photo.   The other videos still haven’t been throughly debunked, however.

UPDATE:  The exact same event (descending orb, flashing red lights) also occurred at the same time in Utah.  Footage & news report:

and a few weeks earlier this interesting footage was recorded at the same location in Jerusalem.  Notice the tourist in the grey shirt pointing at the object before it comes into frame.

UPDATE 3:  DANG IT!!  Looks like the other 1/28 Dome of the Rock videos are part of a hoax too.  So annoying! >.<

The Cultural Mobius Strip & Psychedelic Mechanics (Erik Davis & James Kent videos)

15 01 2011

I found this talk given by Erik Davis at the 2010 Horizons Conference in NYC a very enjoyable and accurate delineation of the psychedelic renaissance landscape:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In the video, Erik describes James Kent’s Psychedelic Information Theory, which you can learn more about from watching his excellent presentation at the 2010 Psychedelic Science Conference in San Jose:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

George Carlin, Bill Hicks & the truth.

29 12 2010

Online Videos from the 2010 Horizons Conference

17 12 2010

Videos from the 2010 “Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics” conference are now online. The conference took place on Sept. 24-26 at Judson Memorial Church in New York City. The available videos are:

  • Jeffrey Guss, M.D., “The NYU Psilocybin Cancer Anxiety Research Project’s Psychedelic Psychotherapy Training”
  • Matthew W. Johnson, Ph.D., and Mary P. Cosimano, M.S.W., “Psilocybin in Smoking Cessation: A Pilot Study”
  • Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D., “Psychedelics, Psychotherapy, and Change”
  • Jill Harris, “Challenges in Changing the Legal Status of Entheogens”
  • JP Harpignies, “Psychedelics, Utopianism, and Psycho-Spiritual Inflation”
  • Erik Davis, “Psychedelics: Between Natural and Supernatural”
  • Rick Strassman, M.D., “Old Testament Prophecy – A Western Model of the Psychedelic Experience

Psychedelic Science Conference Videos Online

2 12 2010

MAPS has just uploaded 85 of the presentations from the medical conference: Psychedelic Science In The 21st Century.

There should still be more to come too, but in this batch are many phenomenal talks.   Lots immensely fascinating scientific and medical topics as well as many videos on ayahuasca topics.

Some non-technical presentations I recommend are:

~Carolyn “Mountain Girl” Garcia – On The Bus
~Shulgin Tribute Banquet
~Robert Jesse – Closing Talk (on the betterment of well people)
~Andrew Weil M.D. – The Future of Psychedelic Research

…to name but a few for there are countless wonderful presentations to peruse: