O Ferrofluid Fortuna!

5 12 2011

Limitless lilting landscapes of light
irridescently emerging, elegantly inverting and mellifluently merging.

Mesophase geometries reveal resonant chromatic complements
interlaced in magnetic dream spirals.

Prismatic tides and horizons bursting with beauty
glimpsed behind the ethereal veils of time.


RSA Animate – The Divided Brain

4 12 2011

A second look at brain hemisphere asymmetries and the biology of culture.

The Seven Billionth Story

29 11 2011

Beautiful 1-minute animation from Australia:

Seeing Relativity: Trip out on a light-speed rollercoaster

12 11 2011

Trippy video of what riding on a light-speed roller coaster might look light.

link: NewScientist.com

Parking Lot at the Center of Time

29 09 2011

Amazing, trippy artistic portrayal of a story based on a premise by Terence McKenna.

Visual brain activity reconstructed using fMRI and Youtube

23 09 2011

This was the technology portrayed in the 6th season episode of House entitled Black Hole.

The potential of it is staggering.

From description:

The left clip is a segment of the movie that the subject viewed while in the magnet. The right clip shows the reconstruction of this movie from brain activity measured using fMRI. The reconstruction was obtained using only each subject’s brain activity and a library of 18 million seconds of random YouTube video. (In brief, the algorithm processes each of the 18 million clips through the brain model, and identifies the clips that would have produced brain activity as similar to the measured brain activity as possible. The clips used to fit the model, those used to test the model and those used to reconstruct the stimulus were entirely separate.) Brain activity was sampled every one second, and each one-second section of the viewed movie was reconstructed separately.
For a related video see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMA23JJ1M1o
For more information about this work, please check our lab web site:http://gallantlab.org




Psychedelic reindeer

21 09 2011