VIdeo: Sasha Shulgin, 1987. ‘Varieties of psychedelic experience’

17 06 2011

Video of Sasha Shulgin giving a talk about psychedelics in 1987 recorded by Sound Photosynthesis.  1 hour talk and 1 hour of questions: the talk is fun, especially taking into account the year it was given, but questions were rather mediocre in my opinion.

parts 2 – 7 can be found here.


Interview With a Ketamine Chemist

7 02 2011

Fascinating interview conducted by Hamilton Morris of Vice Magazine of a clandestine synthetic chemist specializing in arylcyclohexylamines (ketamine analogues).

With the 3-methoxys there is such incredible laughter and boundless sexual energy. […] I laughed until I had tears rolling down to my thighs!  The arylcyclohexylamines have a tremendous therapeutic potential, but they have a great abuse potential as well.

One methoxetamine user reported a dissociative-identity-disorder-esque psychotic episode. He impulsively fondled a stranger’s breasts, as if controlled by an external force. A nearly identical breast-fondling automatism was reported by John Lilly under the influence of ketamine. Perhaps the suppression of a breast-honking impulse is mediated by the NMDA receptor.
There’s a scientific study for you! We still have much to learn about the human brain.

Read the rest at Vice Magazine: INTERVIEW WITH A KETAMINE CHEMIST – Or to Be More Precise, an Arylcyclohexylamine Chemist – Vice Magazine

Spicy chemistry

4 12 2009

Mind Hacks covers the pharmacology of synthetic cannabinoids such as the recently popular product from the UK called Spice.

“He who controls the Spice, controls the universe!!”

Erowid’s Psychoactive Poetry Magnets

12 11 2009

Receive 2 sets of psychoactive poetry magnets when you donate $45 to Erowid and become a member.


Alexander Shulgin @ Entheovision 2 (2004)

9 11 2009

1/2 hour talk by Sasha Shulgin on the exponential increase in numbers of psychedelic drugs.
Part 1.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The Shulgin Project – 9 minute trailer

25 07 2009

Looking good!

Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia

5 07 2009

Vice Magazine TV launched a new drug journalism series called Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.  The first insallment is about a trek into the amazon to locate and experiemnt with the Sapo frog, a frog whose secretions are used to improve hunting skills (not 5-meo or bufotenine).

It’s broken up into three 20 minute episodes and hosted by a weird and  funny psychonaut named Hamilton.

LINK: The Sapo Diaries. (parts 2 & 3 linked at bottom of page)

sapo frog