Hula Hoop Goddesses

4 02 2012



Acro-ballet sexy dance

9 10 2011

Beautiful sexy acrobatic-yoga ballet dance by former Cirque du Soleil performers:

TEDx Talk on transformational festival culture

15 09 2011

The presenter may seem seem a tad hoaky at first, but bear with it because it turns into quite a lovely, poetic and emotional summary of the emerging, global psychedelic festival culture from Burning Man to psytrance.  Might make a nice introduction for those who may not be familiar.

Electronic Awakening

24 04 2011

Please support this project if you can.  Five years in the making, now nearly complete, Electronic Awakening looks to be an outstanding documentary on the spirituality and mysticism of global electronic dance music culture.

Visit their Kickstarter page and watch the excellent teaser video, learn more about the project and hopefully donate!  :)

Rak Razam – in the Beginning was DOOF!

11 03 2011

Excellent 6 1/2 minute interview with experiential journalist and writer Rak Razam about the philosophical, spiritual and socio-cultural dimensions of trance parties (“doofs”).  This is from a documentary film project in development called The 7th Direction, about the Australian trance-dance culture.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Goa Gil

11 03 2011

Very nice, recent 5 minute interview with legendary DJ and saddhu Goa Gil.  Video is from the Goa Hippy Tribe project which has been working on making a documentary about the past 40 years psychedelic Goa culture.

Multimedia Dance Art

15 12 2010

Australian dance company Chunky Move uses movement-responsive projections in their visually striking new performance piece entitled Mortal Engine.

Here is a 6 minute preview: