The Eyes of the Shepardess

19 04 2009

Terence McKenna at his gaudiest!  In the this foray he is notifying people about Salvia divinorum.

From Terence McKenna describing S. divinorum:

I’m slightly chicken shit to do the pure compound,which by the way- you do 300 micrograms, understand that what that looks like is a grain of salt.  A small grain of salt is a human effective dose.  It comes on so fast that you have no impression of it coming on at all.  You DO it and then after a while you notice that for a long time you have been staring at something incomprehensible.


If you take a psychedelic and you’re not afraid you did too much, you didn’t take enough. […]  The experience will unfold and it is beautiful.  It is beautiful… These deep indigo blues, these cerulean blues against blackness that are like neon and this amorphous sea of [?] kind of shapes that are moving and transforming themselves.


OUTRAGE! 5-20 years for $32 of Salvia leaf for North Dakotan father.

16 08 2008

I’m speechless.   Go to DOSE NATION for the story.

100x (Salvia rap)

4 08 2008

thanks Kat!

In defense of Salvia divinorum

4 08 2008

Erocx1’s eloquent  perspective on the current Divinorum debacle.

LINK:  erocx1

Extensive GQ article about Saliva Divinorum

20 07 2007

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