DNA Code Gets First Grammatical Update In 60 Years

22 12 2011

Scientist crunch numbers from 32 different species and reveal fractal grammar behind ratios of codons and oligonucleotides.

For 60 years, biologists have known of only two grammar-like rules that govern the language of DNA. Now they’ve found four more

The Austrian biochemist, Erwin Chargaff, is famous for the two rules he discovered that now bear his name. At the time of this discovery, in 1950, the biggest problem in biology was understanding the structure of DNA. Chargaff’s rules turned out to be an important clue in this puzzle.
Chargaff’s rules are important because they point to a kind of “grammar of biology”, a set of hidden rules that govern the structure of DNA. This grammar ought to reveal itself as patterns in DNA that are invariant across all species.

But in the 60 years since Chargaff discovered his invariant patterns, no others have emerged. Until now.



O Ferrofluid Fortuna!

5 12 2011

Limitless lilting landscapes of light
irridescently emerging, elegantly inverting and mellifluently merging.

Mesophase geometries reveal resonant chromatic complements
interlaced in magnetic dream spirals.

Prismatic tides and horizons bursting with beauty
glimpsed behind the ethereal veils of time.

World’s Most Complex Architecture…

13 11 2011

is a set of cardboard columns with 16 million facets.


Open Source Science

12 11 2011

Peter Binfield, PhD, publisher of PLoS ONE, the wildly successful open-access science journal, discusses the future of scholarly research and publishing at the Stanford Summit @ Medicine 2.0 on Sept. 16, 2011.

A Complete List of ‘Every Insanely Mystifying Paradox in Physics’

12 11 2011

—>  http://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/pickover/physics-paradoxes.html





Seeing Relativity: Trip out on a light-speed rollercoaster

12 11 2011

Trippy video of what riding on a light-speed roller coaster might look light.

link: NewScientist.com

Complex systems analysis reveals the corporations that run the world

19 10 2011

Mathematical analysis of 46,000 transnational corporations reveal hierarchical patterns of control over the economy and, by extension, geopolitics, with 147 corporations (0.3%) having total control over 40% of the entire network.  Scientist suggests global anti-trust rules to limit over-connection among transnational corporations.  The data is limited however, so finer details of connectivity or influence were lacking.  Unfortunately, the article mistakes this lack of data for proof of non-existence and evidence against ‘conspiracy theories’ and other more deeply organized or rooted aspects of economic control, but it does very well in pointing out the fractal patterns observable in evolving societal substructures!

New Scientist: Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

EDIT: what’s interesting is that the the top 20 in this list is almost identical to the top 20 campaign contributors to Obama (and Romney).