Paul Stamets at TEDMED 2011

26 02 2012

Must-See Paul Stamets TEDMED talk about some truly awe-inspiring developments in medicinal and economic mycology:



Feather Starfish

4 02 2012


Child with perfect night vision discovered in China

4 02 2012

Quite astounding.  My guess is the X-Men/Heroes scenario is beginning to play out.


The First World [Electric Sheep Comix is back!]

27 01 2012

After a ten year hiatus, Electric Sheep Comix returns with a stunning new addition to the psychedelic web-strip Delta from artist Patrick Farley, this one portraying McKenna’s ‘stoned ape theory’.   [NSFW]
Get’s really exquisite about 2/3 into it:

A primer on 3D printing

24 01 2012

Must see.

The Fungal Fantastical

24 01 2012

Preview for documentary about mycology and the work of Paul Stamets.

Synthetic Biology Explained

12 01 2012

Wonderfully made video explaining synthetic bio in an accessible and easy to understand way.