Steven Greer: What’s Really Going On

1 02 2011

Very nice recent interview with the founder of the Disclosure Project concerning the current state of geopolitics as it relates to exopolitics:




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2 02 2011

I think this guy is a disinfo agent

8 02 2011

I think you’re right.

9 02 2011

He is not a disinfo agent… You are wrong about that.. Totally wrong.
I’ve listened to this guy for a long time and he sticks to the story pretty well.
Also, regarding the contact’s he makes, If you try this and research this yourself, you will find making some level of contact is available for you.
I have used his methods and I have been successful in making contact and so can you.
He is not the only guy that testifies government projects. There is a lot of info out there that links to Greer’s stories. It takes time, its not an over night understanding.
Hell, even the financial side of it leads you to the same sources…

8 02 2011
John Dowser

Social engineering project to construct a firm basis for a potential new religion to regulate the masses? Only the intelligence agencies would have the means to operate all the crafts and lights during the sightings.

Science is all about falsify the “easier” possibilities first, before embarking onto the more wild theories. How does Greer propose to falsify the ‘disinfo’ theory? By utter transparency and verifiability, enabling neutral researchers to duplicate the sightings for example.

Or does Greer not consider he might have been lead on by some around him?

8 02 2011

excellent point

8 02 2011

My training is physiognomy tells me this guy is not really believing what he is saying.
You comment about him being a disinfo agent is probably correct but not for the powers that be. He seems to be bringing enough confusion to the topic that people will follow him with the “promise” of the truth that will never come.

8 02 2011

If you bought this guy fr what he was worth and sold him for what he thought he was would be rich enough to buy your own UFO

8 02 2011

For example he has fuck all to show for his TWO identical ‘new energy’ projects!
He charges an arm and a leg for his be an ‘ambassador of the universe’ outings.

8 02 2011

Ooooh..I wondered what his scam was……thanks for that bit-o-insight.
ambassador of the universe…what a shister

8 02 2011

You folks are probably right about him being a dis-info agent. My grandmother, my father, and my brother-in-law are probably also dis-info agents because they have personally witnessed silver disc, black triangles, and glowing orbs. Roughly a dozen of my close personal friends are most likely dis-info agents because they have witnessed similar phenomena. As well as several US presidents. Trust no one. Everyone is a dis-info agent.

8 02 2011

dassnake—I did a thread at ATS couple years back called ‘zooming dr steven greer’ that was a LONG thread—I have beensuspicious of him him for a while now. I am NOT callin everyone who sees UFOs disinfo agents. Dont be silly.
he makes outrageous claims and mentions ‘insiders’ and all this stuff. WHY the hell should ANYONE believe half the stuff he says. Do you want to be gullible?

8 02 2011

Aren’t we all really cute tho; those having been on a an ambassadorial outing with him knows he is genuine. . .

8 02 2011

I have listened to Dr Greer extensively. He just might be on the level. Doing your research, watching the Disclosure projects, and all of his workshops, books and so forth, lend him credibility in my opinion. I admire his courage, and thank him for his open minded exploration of other races.

8 02 2011

Juliano, I am skeptical. Skeptical on many fronts. Seeing is believing, and I haven’t seen one myself. That being said, it is good to keep an open mind and understand one basic principle- anything is possible. You haven’t seen nothing yet.

9 02 2011

\Dune, what actual evidence can you show me. You know piel artists get an act they hone to perfection. I have listened to many interviews Greer has given over the years, and watchede vid of him in action. Once he starts theres no stoppin, and its the same old stuff and the same mannerisms. Funnily enuf the one interviewers that put a spanner in his schtick was the Proj Camelot people, and also Paracast gave him a hard time. But what Greer LOVES is being aloud to just garble on and on—-he would put most politicians to shane regarding how he doesn’t let anyone get a word in edgewise and hates his flow being jeapordized

And what do you mean @I have used his methods and been successful in making contact’…? care to elaborate. Did you give Greer money? Are you an…’ambassador of the UNIVERSE’???

9 03 2012
Momcilo Radovanovic

What is he talking??? What he wish to say …new technologies, prevent polution … military..presidents..we have some knowledge studying these spacecrafts …he mixed everything ..he is bulshiting ….

Momcilo Radovanovic Author of CALLING UFO’s – A True Story

27 03 2012

good to hear this is finally getting out there; it is an excellent straightforward presentation and I hope many people can suspend their disbelief and get into it.

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