Stephen Fry shares some jaw dropping facts about American prisons

6 12 2011

The US is home to 5% of the global population, yet it also has 25% of the world’s prisoners.

Half of the nearly 3 million American prisoners are locked away for non-violent drug offenses (a great majority for pot).

1 out of 30 American men between 20 & 34 are in prison.
It’s 1 out of 9 for African American men in the same age group.

The private prison industry is massive and very powerful politically, and their business is BOOMING.


Medical Marijuana Use Reduces Traffic Deaths and Crime Rates

4 12 2011

Two more big fat nails in the coffin of prohibition.

A Rand study finds less crime near dispensaries, and another recent study found negative correlations between traffic fatalities and legalized medical marijuana.

 Legalization of medical marijuana is associated with increased use of marijuana among adults, but not among minors. In addition, legalization is associated with a nearly 9 percent decrease in traffic fatalities, most likely to due to its impact on alcohol consumption. Our estimates provide strong evidence that marijuana and alcohol are substitutes.

Read more about the traffic study at HuffPo.

Father Secretly Gives Cannabis to Cancer-Stricken Toddler Son While in Hospital

21 11 2011
Our government says that anyone using or recommending this herb should be in prison or otherwise have their life destroyed.
At least 12,000 years of doctors, healers and humans in general have called the same herb a sacred, miraculous medicine and spiritual tool.
Check out this touching report from ABC News.

Dispensary director shocks Fox anchor with her message to the medical marijuana movement

14 10 2011

The director of one of California’s non-profit medical cannabis organizations that is being attacked by the Obama administration stuns right-wing FOX pundit when she calls for her community and supporters to register Republican and vote for Ron Paul in the primaries as a PROTEST to what Obama is doing!

If you want to see Obama debate Paul on the wars, the drug war, Wall St., the bailouts, the Patriot Act, habeus corpus, civil liberties, human rights, the Federal Reserve… if you care about any of these issues, then why not VOICE that concern and vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primaries?

******Attn NEW YORKERS and  NEW HAMPSHIRITES, TODAY, Friday Oct 14th, is the LAST DAY you can register to vote your states closed primaries  To find out more about how to register, or more about your states rules, go to for more info.]

Obama Administration Intensifies Drug War to Unprecedented Levels.

8 10 2011

Obama’s drug policy is now ten times more Draconian than Bush’s ever was.  It’s not sudden or anything; last year was the second biggest year in history for Marijuana arrests, despite 16 states now allowing medical use and massive shift in public sentiment regarding the plant.  In a truly remarkable example of Mr. Obama’s “audacity,” the federal government has declared that California medical dispensaries have 45 days to shut down or face criminal charges and property seizure (raids).  Letters of the threat have bee sent to 16 dispensaries but the mandate applies to all dispensaries.  Piling on the attack is the IRS’s new ruling that dispensaries can not deduct standard business expenses such as payroll, security or rent, essentially doubling the amount in taxes owed and making it literally impossible for both small and large dispensaries to stay in business.  Also, The DOJ and ATF have decreed that medical marijuana users have no second amendment rights, forbidding them to purchase or own firearms.  And to top it all off, in a jaw-dropping act of government authority abuse, a new law states that it is a federal offense if a US citizen uses illegal drugs IN ANOTHER COUNTRY, even if the substance used is LEGAL in that country.  So technically, enjoying a joint in Amsterdam, Portugal, India or drinking ayahuasca in South America are now punishable crimes.

And all of this right when Obama has launched his third online petition voting system at, and for the third time cannabis and drug war issues has skyrocketed into distant first place as the most important issue for Americans.  The first two times he ridiculed the topic and the people who voted for it. This time he’s taking a bit more obvious of a response.   Sickening.

From day 1 Obama filled his cabinet with over 35 Goldman Sachs employees (and put the Goldman Sachs Managing Director and NY Federal Reserve president in charge of the Treasury) and other banksters from the Federal Reserve and Wall St., over 7 high-ranking Monsanto employees including the vice-president in charge of the FDA and USDA, and a bunch of other revolving-door corporatists I don’t feel like listing off right now.

Bankster bail-outs, Patriot Act extension, eradication of civil liberties, indefinite detention, totrtue or assassination without charge or trial, genocidal wars abroad that murder children every god damned day.  Seriously, anyone who still supports this pathologically lying, bankster-owned, blood-lusting president needs mental help.  I was willing to forgive how easily everyone bought into the garbage in 2008, but at this point, if you still are an Obama apologist, you fall into a new category of brainwashed, drooling, weak-willed, weak-minded, weak-hearted person, right beside the neo-cons, and will be regarded as either a brain-damaged child or a sadistic globalist.

Obama is personally helping robber baron banks steal the wealth of the working world and personally continuing the massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocents.  Forgive me if I’ve lost some patience with those who support and vote for this.

Pot Versus Abilify

20 09 2011

Through actual text from commercials for the anti-depressant drug known as Abilify, High Times, in association with York Productions, asks the question, “If pot did this to you, would you smoke it?”

Buddhism & Psychedelics

11 06 2011

Below is a 10 minute video of Buddhist scholar and lama, Mike Crowley, discussing sacred elixirs in Buddhist and Hindu history, followed by an excellent, recent 1-hour interview with him going deeper into this fascinating topic, conducted by Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media.


And click here for the Gnostic Media interview.  This is must-listen for anyone interested in Buddhism or Hinduism.

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