Peter Diamandis: Abundance is our future

29 02 2012

Riveting TED Talk.  Important & uplifting.


Paul Stamets at TEDMED 2011

26 02 2012

Must-See Paul Stamets TEDMED talk about some truly awe-inspiring developments in medicinal and economic mycology:


A primer on 3D printing

24 01 2012

Must see.

The Skin Gun

12 01 2012

Astounding new technology heals severe burns in days.
Watch to the end:

The Incredible Future of Medicine

21 12 2011

We live in dramatic times.

Memory In Mice Dramatically Enhanced Using Genetics/Drug Combo

19 12 2011

I was cramming for finals and thinking about how nice it would be to have this exact kind of technology, just as stumbled on this article:

The Ayahuasca Project

4 12 2011

Definitely watch and share this trailer for a gorgeous looking documentary about ayahuasca shamanism, science and it’s use in treating Westerners afflicted with addictions and severe emotional traumas, as pioneered by the work of two doctors; Dr. Jacques Mabit, who “runs a legendary detox centre deep in the Peruvian jungle”and Dr. Gabor Maté, a lionhearted addiction specialist valiantly trying to establish a similar program in Canada.  It is seeking completion funding on KickStarter so if you like the trailer please learn more by watching the Kickstarter video.