A primer on 3D printing

24 01 2012

Must see.


World’s Most Complex Architecture…

13 11 2011

is a set of cardboard columns with 16 million facets.


Jason Silva on time, intelligence, language, psychedelics…

5 10 2011

and 50 other things in less than 2 minutes! :D

But really, these quick Jason Silva videos are wonderful.  Watch in full screen.





More info on each of the videos (and more rants by Silva) on his vimeo page.

3D Printing watch

23 09 2011

Scan and print industrial tools with moving parts in minutes.  Great introductory video to 3D printing:


Makerbot recieves $10 million dollars in funding from Amazon founder and other angel investors

and the New Museum in New York team up with Makerbot to offer and design challenge.

3D printers for kids: Origo makes a toy that makes more toys.

3d printers for criminals: Thieves steal $400,000 from ATMs using 3D printed tech.

Have a look at the a 3D printed car. Expected to hit the market as soon as 2014.

Here’s a list of 10 wearable, edible, flyable and transplantable objects made with 3d printers.

and PopSci has a feature on Printing Musical Instruments and Instruments of War.

When you can print nearly anything, who will say what not to print?

Cannabis Economics – Hemp Car – Hemp Clothes – Hemp Building

27 05 2011

Environmentalism at Boom 2010

2 05 2011

Impressive solutions, beautiful designs.

Sen. Mike Gravel in support of Architects & Engineers

24 04 2011

Recommended video of Senator Gravel discussing lucidly and compellingly the incredible importance that Americans vote for upcoming bills allowing for public investigations into the crimes of 9/11.

The citizens as a whole were attacked that day, and we have the right to actually investigate the crime.