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25 05 2012

I’ve updated the site and had to move servers and hosting, so if you subscribe to The Teleomorph and would like to keep recieving updates, you’ll have to go and re-enter your e-mail in the subscribe field on the right panel, or select a different subscription option there.




Sacred Economics

3 03 2012
Fantastic insights into past, present and future economics.
12 minutes, very highly recommended:


Never fear, Nano tech is here!

20 02 2012

holy crap

“The naked monkey that shits and dies is going to seed the universe omg.”

20 02 2012

Jason Silva, letting his mind out on a nature walk:

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

18 01 2012

Genetics and Intelligence

4 12 2011

Google TechTalk about some interesting research into the gene complexes associated with intelligence.  Controversial territory but handled gracefully by the presenter who’s day job is particle physics.  Nevertheless, it’s an inevitable area of investigation as we hurtle towards our teleological hyperhumanity.

Occupy Photons

18 11 2011

It’s coming…

Projected onto the Verizon building, visible from the Brooklyn Bridge.