Haight-Ashbury Museum of Psychedelic Art and History

3 02 2012

Glorious! I wish this project the utmost success.

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A Missile Silo, A Slew of Psychedelics, A Psychopath and a Girl: Hamilton Morris’ Interview With Krystle Cole

20 11 2011

Wild interview with Krystle Cole, the maker of the very popular Youtube videos about psychedelics on her Neurosoup channel.  Krystle lived in the infamous missile silo that manufactured most of the planet’s LSD around the millennium up to the time of the Pickard bust.  She shares some very captivating and jaw dropping stories about exotic poly-psychedelic drug and sex debauchery, paranoid snitches and the dark world of megalomaniacal dealers using psychedelics as instruments of torture.

A Must See for anyone interested in the complex and controversial Pickard affair:

(20 minutes)



Mom Shares Psychedelic Drugs with Dying Daughter

12 11 2011

After reading this lovely review by David Jay Brown of Honor Thy Daughter, I’m definitely adding this to my reading list.

—> SantaCruz.Patch.com


Providing a Better Living Through Chemistry to a Generation.

13 10 2011

An exquisite 8 minute documentary-style interview with Nick Sand, the chemical revolutionary who synthesized the renowned Orange Sunshine and was the first person to discover the effects of DMT could be experienced by smoking it.

Slate: Did Dropping Acid Make Steve Jobs More Creative?

7 10 2011

Apple founder and tech visionary Steve Jobs died on Wednesday. Jobs was heavily influenced by 1960s counterculture, and once told a reporter that taking LSD was “one of the two or three most important things” he did in his life. Can LSD really make you more creative?


New York Public Library Buys Timothy Leary’s Archives for $900,000

17 06 2011

Thousands of letters and papers from Ginsberg, Aldous Huxley, William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Ken Kesey, Charles Mingus, Maynard Ferguson, Arthur Koestler, G. Gordon Liddy and even Cary Grant — an enthusiastic LSD user — are in the boxes.

“How about contributing to my next prose masterpiece by sending me (as you sent Burroughs) a bottle of SM pills,” Kerouac wrote Leary, referring to psilocybin. “Allen said I could knock off a daily chapter with 2 SMs and be done with a whole novel in a month.”

Read the article: NY Times

TEDxPSU – Richard Doyle – Scaling the Noösphere

11 06 2011

This is a TEDx presentation given by my favorite scholar of the rhetoric of biochemistry and post-vital living, Richard Doyle, about the importance of developing our conceptions of the noösphere.

Currently I’m reading his newest scholarly book concerning his ecodelic hypotheses about archaic and contemporary psychedelic media technologies, Darwin’s Pharmacy: Sex, Plants, and the Evolution of the Noösphere.