TEDxRotterdam – Wireless power will lead the future.

4 02 2012


4 02 2012

Hydraulophones, or FUNtains, use flowing to hydraulically create tones.

The Incredible Future of Medicine

21 12 2011

We live in dramatic times.

First Real (Non-Optical Illusion) 3D Display Created

19 12 2011

It uses lasers to illuminate plasma anywhere in the air.  Also works underwater.

O Ferrofluid Fortuna!

5 12 2011

Limitless lilting landscapes of light
irridescently emerging, elegantly inverting and mellifluently merging.

Mesophase geometries reveal resonant chromatic complements
interlaced in magnetic dream spirals.

Prismatic tides and horizons bursting with beauty
glimpsed behind the ethereal veils of time.

Supernature: Esalen and the Human Potential

29 11 2011

Trailer for a documentary in development about the merging of consciousness research, physics and healing over the past 50 years at Esalen.  More information and video can be seen at the documentary’s Kickstarter site.

Terence McKenna – Time Acceleration

14 11 2011