Vortex Based Math @ TEDxCharlotte 2010

28 10 2010

Finally it looks like Marko Rodin’s work may start getting more attention!

If you’d like an intro to the uncanny and mind-blowing world of vortex-based mathematics read this page (and try not to get turned off the copious use of metaphysical terms, just look, learn and ponder how the numbers actually achieve such bewildering harmony).   There is more information on that site including video demos of Rodin’s toroidal coil which has potential applications in computer processing, over-unity energy generation, communications, biochemistry, monopole generation, spacecraft propulsion, theoretical physics and audio speakers.




One response

31 10 2010

….WOW. I am math-phobic. But I really dug this video and him sayin he’s not sellin out to the corporates. THANKS

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