Peter Diamandis: Abundance is our future

29 02 2012

Riveting TED Talk.  Important & uplifting.


A primer on 3D printing

24 01 2012

Must see.

Synthetic Biology Explained

12 01 2012

Wonderfully made video explaining synthetic bio in an accessible and easy to understand way.

The Incredible Future of Medicine

21 12 2011

We live in dramatic times.

O Ferrofluid Fortuna!

5 12 2011

Limitless lilting landscapes of light
irridescently emerging, elegantly inverting and mellifluently merging.

Mesophase geometries reveal resonant chromatic complements
interlaced in magnetic dream spirals.

Prismatic tides and horizons bursting with beauty
glimpsed behind the ethereal veils of time.

Open Science Summit Videos

17 11 2011

Videos of presentations from the 2011 Open Science Summit can be viewed at Fora TV.
Wonderfully juicy topics include open source drug discovery, big data bioinformatics, ‘clinical trials 2.0’, open science education, open access science journalism, personal genomics, radical longevity, transparency in science, incentive and intellectual property: FORA.TV

Open Source Science

12 11 2011

Peter Binfield, PhD, publisher of PLoS ONE, the wildly successful open-access science journal, discusses the future of scholarly research and publishing at the Stanford Summit @ Medicine 2.0 on Sept. 16, 2011.