name:      Evan

contact:   teleomorph@gmail.com

I’m a seeker, a selector, a psychedelic trancer, a mystical malfunction, a hopeful healer, a hopeless dreamer, a whistling shaman, a burnt-out raver, a gravitational decoder, a New Yorker, a time-traveling tourist, a sonic helix, a growth of eyes, a nervous nexus, a metamorphic metachromatic metabolic metaripple, an undulating organism, a broken toy, a formless void, a puzzling presence, a screaming soothsayer, proud member of the hive-mind and paradoxical anti-poet.
I’m a part-time part-space treasure-finder, an alchemical apprentice, an unconscious artist, a disc-jockey, info-jockey, word-jockey, jabberwockey jargonist, a mask and costume, a chaotic symmetry.
I am far from equilibrium.
I am a bemushroomed soul, engineer of temporal circuitry, forest-explorer, star gazer, another yourself.


8 responses

13 03 2010

Hey Evan!
I’ve been following your blog for a long while and I never really expressed my gratitude for what you’ve brought into my life. The work you do with Teleomorph is not only entertaining, educating and brain fucking – all of which are great qualities in their own right – but truly relevant and significant.
Now and then, I’ve passed on videos and stuff I’ve seen here through Facebook and stuff but much more so – your influence is shared ever-so-often when I hang out with people, talk about this-and-that and what not, because the ideas and information and inspiration I’ve come across on this site has really shaped me in many ways.

Really though, there’s only one thing I want to say: thank you!


20 03 2010
Evan 057

Thanks you so much for the sentiment Magnus!
“May the Entheogenic Reformation prevail over the Pharmacratic Inquisition!”

26 04 2010

I have to say I am pleased and very grateful for all of the information you present with this website. This is an invaluable portal to knowledge. Thank you!

5 05 2010

Evan! Whats the good word my friend? We were in Dr. Merrill’s sustainable futures class, briefly spoke, but had a really good conversation on the upcoming, at that time, MAPS conference… I hope you were able to make it and had your mind blown, looking forward to catching up sometime to kick it/ chat it up sometime… I have a really amazing documentary, in my opinion, that you may really dig… I’m a huge doc. buff, of which many of the doc’s that you have linked to I am amazingly stoked to have found! Check out Kymatica, second documentary, first being esoteric agenda… If you haven’t seen it yet, http://www.talismanicidols.org/video.html … Enjoy, and talk to you soon!!

14 05 2010

Awesomousity! :) I’m synesthetic and a number of the things you listed. Kudos for an interesting blog!

19 07 2010

Is this a joke? ? I read simular articles and Im suprised its not hear also. http://www.boingboing.net/2006/04/20/psychedelic-fish.html

14 08 2010

nice site!

30 11 2011
Myskox Wilhelms sonsonson

Bless you for spreading the good stuff,
and bringing hope and intelligence to us.

Here is a free house I made from entheogenic vision,
and mushroom empowerment:

Peace be with you!
/ Myskox

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