4 02 2012

My friend made this very accessible and non-emotionally charged site explaining the NDAA in straightforward and simple terms.  A perfect link to share with those who who aren’t familiar and don’t fully understand what it means and what the controversy is.


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UPDATE:  This is why is this important: We Are Change Super Bowl Challenge Fail


A Brief History of Anonymous

12 01 2012

Brief, but quite detailed, interesting and entertaining:

Who Is The Problem? Corporations or Government?

1 01 2012

Here a dozen Venn diagrams to help us figure out this most pertinent question:


Stephen Fry shares some jaw dropping facts about American prisons

6 12 2011

The US is home to 5% of the global population, yet it also has 25% of the world’s prisoners.

Half of the nearly 3 million American prisoners are locked away for non-violent drug offenses (a great majority for pot).

1 out of 30 American men between 20 & 34 are in prison.
It’s 1 out of 9 for African American men in the same age group.

The private prison industry is massive and very powerful politically, and their business is BOOMING.

Treason in the US Senate

5 12 2011

We are on the brink, folks.
Politically oriented individuals should definitely watch this, especially occupiers, tea party and 99%. It regards private security contracting of uniformed, armed police and the purchasing of traffic camera and communication device Fusion Centers for privatized spying on demonstrations.

Libya: The Real Story

13 11 2011

15 minute video report outlining the real story about Libya, Gadaffi and the “revolution.”  The facts appear quite different and much more logical when not distorted and spun by the pathetic mainstream media.

The Truth Is Viral – Libya: The Real Story

Messages from the Occupy Wall Street Protest

12 11 2011

Fantastic and rousing video concerning the growing Occupy movement: