Real ‘Kitchen Synthesizer’ w/ Arduino to iPad MIDI

31 01 2012

If anyone saw that ktichen-synthesizer video, apparently it was faked, but no worries because here’s a real one that’s way cooler! Thanks @BrettThePark




One response

24 11 2013

The only thing that went wrong IMO in Britain, that American energy and iitavonnon has helped partly to correct, is a narrowing of styles. Bitter became the main thing nationally at any rate, probably assisted by the closing of many local/regional concerns and the corporatising of brewing. (Yet many big companies made and still do fine bitter which is craft in its larger sense accepted by many). And indeed the risk is there in the larger European countries and e.g. I think of certain things Ron P has written about changes in Czech Republic. I myself am satisfied for example that Stella Artois is not as good nearly as 20 years ago So the American boost is salutary too because it enables the locals hopefully, especially those inclined to drink what is hip or in, to understand what in a sense started it all.Gary

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