Complex systems analysis reveals the corporations that run the world

19 10 2011

Mathematical analysis of 46,000 transnational corporations reveal hierarchical patterns of control over the economy and, by extension, geopolitics, with 147 corporations (0.3%) having total control over 40% of the entire network.  Scientist suggests global anti-trust rules to limit over-connection among transnational corporations.  The data is limited however, so finer details of connectivity or influence were lacking.  Unfortunately, the article mistakes this lack of data for proof of non-existence and evidence against ‘conspiracy theories’ and other more deeply organized or rooted aspects of economic control, but it does very well in pointing out the fractal patterns observable in evolving societal substructures!

New Scientist: Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

EDIT: what’s interesting is that the the top 20 in this list is almost identical to the top 20 campaign contributors to Obama (and Romney).




2 responses

23 10 2011

This is the kind of thing that we all know about but for some reason don’t acknowledge more. Social media is one of the few broadcasters of this; let’s see if we can get this to be more than just word of mouth: #spreadtheword. This expands beyond the economic; these men and women make decisions that touch every opportunity available to us, and how we view/ act on them. Thanks for sharing

23 10 2011

Kano. “Layer Cake.” expresses this sentiment well

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