Anonymous: Operation Cash Back – #OpCashBack

17 10 2011

Remember remember the 5th of November.




2 responses

17 10 2011

“We are Legion” aka Satan’s minions. Great idea…collapse the system and see what happens to those accounts held by your parents, your precious college professors and all of the others who have successfully indoctrinated your pitiful little minds. If you don’t like the system, MOVE THE HELL OUT OF THE U.S. I’m sure the Communists in Venezuela would love to have you.

17 10 2011
Evan 057

The current system in America (that you are so fond of) IS socialist. I want real capitalism where multi-national corporations and banks that fail because they’re pathologically stupid or criminal or evil aren’t bailed out with people’s money against the people’s consent. We are the bank’s customers and we choose not to patron them anymore because we have ethics. You seem to have nothing but fear. YOU are for the neo-con socialist agenda, I am for free markets and the rule of law. If you don’t like the constitution, real capitalism, then YOU move to Saudi Arabia or some other monarchy where you can relish your authoritarian masters that dictate your morals for you.

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