ReasonTV interviews Jason Silva on the singularity, psychedelics and the extended mind.

14 10 2011

Check out some of Silva’s short videos in this post.




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24 11 2013

I don’t think there will be more war, because wars often come about when there is too much denmad for limited resources. I think the future for many countries will look like the way Japan is now slow growth, low denmad, aging populations. I am not sure that is a recipe for war. No matter how much the government tries to loosen monetary policy, it won’t create growth because there isn’t a denmad for workers, no matter how much money gets thrown into the system, because everything is automated. I am not one for banging the raising taxes drum, but it would seem that the best solution is to raise taxes on corporate profits over time and require them to bring their profits back into their home countries. It would create a society where corporations with trillions of dollars of profits would pay taxes to the government and the money would be distributed throughout the population. That sounds a lot like socialism, but pure capitalism with a huge labor force is going to go away. So some hybrid like this has to exist, and keep in mind, corporations will need this system at some point to maintain denmad for their products. Their profits will ultimately come back to them with new purchases. They will also be able to make things with fewer workers, and they will be taxed on their profits only. It could work, but everyone will still have to figure out what to do with their free time while the robots and AI make everything. Hopefully that doesn’t involve starting a war.

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