Dispensary director shocks Fox anchor with her message to the medical marijuana movement

14 10 2011

The director of one of California’s non-profit medical cannabis organizations that is being attacked by the Obama administration stuns right-wing FOX pundit when she calls for her community and supporters to register Republican and vote for Ron Paul in the primaries as a PROTEST to what Obama is doing!

If you want to see Obama debate Paul on the wars, the drug war, Wall St., the bailouts, the Patriot Act, habeus corpus, civil liberties, human rights, the Federal Reserve… if you care about any of these issues, then why not VOICE that concern and vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primaries?

******Attn NEW YORKERS and  NEW HAMPSHIRITES, TODAY, Friday Oct 14th, is the LAST DAY you can register to vote your states closed primaries  To find out more about how to register, or more about your states rules, go to bluerepublican.us for more info.]




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