Providing a Better Living Through Chemistry to a Generation.

13 10 2011

An exquisite 8 minute documentary-style interview with Nick Sand, the chemical revolutionary who synthesized the renowned Orange Sunshine and was the first person to discover the effects of DMT could be experienced by smoking it.




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14 10 2011

Just want to use this place to protest the state of psychedelic forums online. My favourite, entheogendotcom recently went down. The Lycaeum is an oppressive place which pushes scientific materialism down your throat. The Shroomery does the same (I am talking about mods at these places who have the power to ban you if you ‘don’t follow the rules’ which they arracnge to support their worldview). I was defending shamanism–the mods at this thread were anti-shamanism and when I challenged their unfair rule-mongering I was banned. I then by cancne found this ‘psychedelic forum’ called Mycotopia. In the intro I mentioned I wanted to explore about this–not mentioning the Shroomery, and then after completelting another post when I went to send it, I was met with ‘you have been banned –because you are a puppet–for life’. I had no idea what they fukin even meant so I tried to contact the webmaster (who had sent me the verification email to register) and he ignored my request to know what they meant. I tried at the Shroomery in their supposed forum to discuss the issues to do with their online community and was met with no interest, and rather support for their mods who they say volunteer. Hmmmm I am betting it is government agents who are volunteering and making sure that no real conversation seen as dissent is allowed to take root at these places. Have tried to find some discussion about this situation but haven’t as yet.
The game seems to be: hound someone if their worldview is not based on scientific materialism, and -politcially–promoting the official tale of 9/11. As THEN for evidence for every utterance, but the asker does not have to. it is ‘the person making the claim’. This means that those who share their world view can post any old crap and not be bothered.

14 10 2011
Evan 057

Forum moderators have a reputation for strictly limiting the conversations on themed bulletin boards. Also a lot of people are just dicks. But without direct examples we can’t know how much either the mods or yourself are at fault in not finding agreement. There are plenty of forums out there. Have you seen the list of links under “FORUMS ONLINE” on the right hand panel of this blog? Most are psychedelics related, many are massive in scale. For more conspiracy, activism or fringe topics where you can discuss UFO’s, cryptozoology, free-energy technology, chemtrails, 9/11 and psychedelics, and all in one post, check out and

4 11 2011

Well documented site! Bravo!

We are intellectual anarchy commune comprised of musical and artistic talents. Our message is dead on with yours so please explore! Record release 11/11/11!


22 11 2013

Joe Rogan, DMT psychonaut, is a buddy of Jones’ so Jones is at least taglnetialny aware of the mind expanding possibilities of DMT – but he is also friendly with Doug Stanhope who – under Rogan’s tutelage – had a really bad/near death style DMT trip – so… It’s really more a situation, I’d surmise, that Jones is actually saying what he really believes, and of people fitting in stuff into their already existing frames. Jones is a stalwart ‘NWO Conspiracy’ type dude so all square pegs go into his pre-positioned square holes. imho, as always, of course.

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