UN attempting to outlaw all sacred plants (Ayahuasca, Iboga, etc.). SIGN PETITION!!

25 06 2011
Important message from Luis Eduardo;

Dear friends,

I urge you to sign this petition. Once more, this is an attack against the cultural and spiritual heritage of non-western people, a continuation of conquest and colonization of the word by people with a very limited worldview.
Best regards,

Luis Eduardo

The United Nations International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) has published on their website their annual report about the world situation on drugs in 2010. In this report, the INCB has included the preoccupying recommendation towards governments to outlaw  traditional plants such as Ayahuasca (a decoction made with botanicals like Banisteriopsis Caapi and Psychotria Viridis) andTabernanthe Iboga among others, neglecting their important role as traditional medicine, as a sacrament and as therapeutic tool. These are the primary uses of these plants found in societies all over the world.

The International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service (ICEERS) is organizing a letter-writing campaign to counter this demonic injustice.  Please read more about this issue and add your signature here, and take a moment to browse the beautiful website of ICEERS.org.





18 responses

26 06 2011

LOL so the New Age Lucifer cult UN wants to ban indigenous peoples from using sacred medicine? How TYPICAL they are! How blatantly they continuoulsy expose themselves to public scrutiny, for the oppressive control freaks they have always been throughout the many generations of their occupation in peacful peoples lands.
I will do all that I can, but know that these idiots will NEVER win, we will stay or go underground. They cannot control spirit but are way to egotisitcally profit-blindedly ignoreant to know this.
The magicikians at the tip of their hierarchy know everything about being ‘masters of their demons’ and ‘bloody sacrifice’, but *nothing* of real magic, empathy, and love

27 06 2011

while I agree this is total bullshit signing this petition is like a master list for these fuckers, not sure if I want to be on it. I dont honestly believe they care how many signatures they get anyways but best of luck!

28 06 2011

well we WONT have any luck if more people got your attitude nofutureface! For one thing, stand UP for what you believe. Eventually you WILL have to gbe seen if you care ANYthing about this earth and children and other species. Do you think hidin will save your arse?
Secondly, it is not true tyhese petitions don’t have any results. In the UK the government threatened to privatize the forests and privatize the National Health Service. I signed the petitions with many many others and it HAS had an effect, so do not believe that these people are not swayed by protests. But if more and more people like you become apathetic, then that is more of a green light for them isn’t it? They think noone really gives a shit.

28 06 2011

Peru has already declared ayahuasca and San Pedro as patrimony so no matter what the UN does, it will not stop ceremonies here in Peru.

28 06 2011

Really doesn’t matter much what the UN does because each country’s laws over ride the UN treaties. For instance, when police raided the Santo Daime in Holland, the UN stated that when DMT was made illegal and all countries signed the treaty which covered dmt and many other things, that it meant DMT in synthetic form and had nothing to do with dmt occuring naturally or in Ayahuasca. The USA government responded by saying that the Federal laws of the USA over rule the UN Treaty.

28 06 2011
key 11

obviously they will include a disclaimer clause for indigenous use. but these plants are bad for white ppl– make us less interested in violence and reproduction. and thats basically all we are good at.

2 07 2011

The UN is only the diplomatic wing of the US and the rest is relatively easy to surmise!!!

6 07 2011

im not apathetic at all, im actually quite a motivated and active person in my community. im not hiding just because i haven’t signed a petition. sometimes they work but more often than not they dont. if you want too, go for it, like i said best of luck you have my support. im not signing it, doesnt make me a bad person. the UN is a joke, they have absolutely no authority over any countries decisions, them declaring anything legal, illegal or good or bad doesnt hold much water with the governments around the world. the country i live in considers these sacred plants illegal already so for me this is a reality right now

6 07 2011
Tommye Rodrigues

Governments exercise far too much control over people’s lives and they are fighting for more control every day. Our job is to fight them every day so that we retain rights over our own bodies. If we don’t, who will? Nobody. It is up to us, each of us!

8 07 2011
Joseph B. Jackson II

They will never be able to completely ban Ayahuasca. Several churches hold federal exemptions in the United States and other countries to use and hold Ayahuasca ceremonies. These new attempts to ban more substances are just the death throws of the prohibitionists. This war is coming to an end the prohibitionists will surrender soon. We have already won. Thank you to all who have fought and suffered for our freedom. We owe you everything.

24 08 2011
8 09 2011
soul dreamer

The sacred use of plants in ceremony and through ritual is a human right.For thousands of years people on this planet have been using plants and herbs within their practices to better understand and translate their reality.

Now is the time more then ever that we as a species need to be looking back to the use of plants and traditionl knowelgede to help us stay humble, connected to out environment and our earth.Do not make the use of plant illegal!!!

9 09 2011
Giuseppe Cappelli

These are Medicines gift from Mother Earth that can heal people.

4 02 2012

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is for withdrawing from the UN and getting the UN to leave America. Now you should understand why. These plants are our teachers and our legacy from the gods. They will take these plants from our aboriginal brothers only after a long do the bitter end fight, a fight they will lose in the end.

4 02 2012

This is why ‘The Matrix’ trilogy is a perfectly apt modern Gnostic myth. Federal ”Agents” are Hell-bent on keeping the population entrapped in the mental prison of marketing and political propaganda. Entheogens, like “the Red Pill” of ‘The Matrix’ awakens one from the illusion perpetuated by whomever the Illuminati are, to enslave the multitudes by their own ignorance and desires. Entheogens have the potential for radically altering one’s perception of the status quo, and forever shifting one’s values away from the consumerist mentality that is identified with crass materialism and the delusional social status that is it’s corollary.

5 02 2012
rita santella

this is more than crazy!!

10 02 2012

I personally know many people who have been cured of “incurable” cancers with ayahuasca ingestion and ceremony. I do believe that we need to “stand up and be counted” and that positive thought DOES make a difference. “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” — Einstein

12 02 2012
louise scalza

Sacred plants, herbs, flowers, trees, bushes and berries belong to the earth and are a gift to humans, no one is or should be intittled to outlaw what heals.

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