Just Released! ANONYMOUS declares war on the system! JOIN THE RESISTANCE!

11 06 2011

A clarion call to all programmers, IT enthusiasts, hackers, artists, activists and sovereign human beings.

And this is an addendum to the above video, released immediately after, providing some further clarification:




4 responses

12 06 2011

I join. The information wants to be free.

15 06 2011
Alec Dixon

Dude, thank you for always posting the most epic shit.. I am often mind blown after previewing videos that you throw up.. This series of anonymous videos makes my hair stand up watching them, and i have been blowing them up since! You ever watch the TED talk by Susan Blackmore on “Memes and Temes?”

25 06 2011
Evan 057

thanks for reminding me of that talk, very intense! will reblog. and extremely glad to hear you find many of the videos and info here ‘epic!’ I certainly do too! :D

25 08 2011

fucking love it,love the v for vendetta mask ,how apropo//////markASS

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