Buddhism & Psychedelics

11 06 2011

Below is a 10 minute video of Buddhist scholar and lama, Mike Crowley, discussing sacred elixirs in Buddhist and Hindu history, followed by an excellent, recent 1-hour interview with him going deeper into this fascinating topic, conducted by Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media.


And click here for the Gnostic Media interview.  This is must-listen for anyone interested in Buddhism or Hinduism.

[Right right-click the media player and select “save video as” to enable easier playback control from your own media player]




2 responses

15 06 2011

Thi sis great. I listened to an interview he had with Jan Irvin a while ago and he is fasinating dude. Howeverrr, I didn’t here hear much mention of psilocybin, which is unusual because eg Siva is very connected with the dung mushrooms.

I also would love to talk with Crowley and ask him what his thoughts are about the ontology (i always get the ologys mixed up so dont know if its right one) of Buddhism. Ie., may researchers will say Buddhism is world-denying, in that its aderents seek RELEASE from ‘the wheel of birth and death’ and some everlasting bliss. This desire is very different from the Goddes, and earth-based pagan one of recycling WITh sacred nature, if you will. So considering he goes into the deep areas of connecting entheogens with Buddhism–which many Buddhists would violently object–I wonder what his thoughts are about how their diluting and then even denying ‘intoxicants’ would affect their understanding of nature. Feel me?
Do you know his email address?

25 06 2011
Evan 057

I’m sure he could engage you in a lengthy dialogue on these matters. Try emailing Jan@GnosticMedia.com for Mike Crowley’s email contact info.

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