Music banned from Strawberry Fields and other Central Park locations

10 06 2011

Central Park has imposed “quiet zone” rules on the most famous places for street musicians and performers, such as Bethesda Fountain area and Strawberry Fields, the John Lennon memorial set up his wife Yoko Ono.   Where is the outrage?  Where is the mass civil disobedience?  C’mon NYC, how much more of all this will you take?

Although park police have been enforcing the new rules, Boyd was singing in the Bethesda Alcove with a trio and an amplifier on Monday. He said he was arrested last Wednesday and that he had racked up thousands of dollars of fines for disobeying the Quiet Zone rules.

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One response

22 11 2013

Heh, I’d have to spend more time fighting the wind than my atkcater I’ve taken far more blows to the head playing sports than I have fighting (and I have the concussions to prove it)I’d say your average street thug has a significant experience advantage RE fighting compared to your average CCW holder. CCW holders tend to be pretty conflict averse (an armed society is a polite society)On paper deadly force situations are simple. Either it’s justified or it isn’t. Real life situations aren’t that simple given fluidity, circumstances, and the many variables that come into play. Perhaps I should do a post on this if I can figure out which way my brain goes. Damn concussions.

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