Mondo 2000 and Gonzo Anthropology

26 05 2011

Awesome little interview from Vice Magazine with R. U. Sirius about early cyber-utopianism, authorship in the infocology, psychedelic transhumanism and culture-hacking.

R.U. Sirius, real name Ken Goffman, is a writer, musician, radio presenter, provocateur, and co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Mondo 2000, a freewheelin’ pre-internet magazine about digital culture. It was run and read by Mondoids; hackers, cyber-hippies and futurists who were into taking drugs and pondering computers and consciousness. It featured contributions from sci-fi authors like William Gibson and Bruce Sterling and one offs like having Tim Leary interview David Byrne.

 Read the interview: Mondo 2000 and Gonzo Anthropology




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