Free Energy Bonanza!! :D

25 04 2011

Yes please.

Below you will find some thrilling developments in the field of free energy.   First off, some updates on the Rossi Energy Catalizer (E-Cat).  If you haven’t seen the promotional video I posted a month ago watch this first:

Now, short update videos are being released:

Andrea Rossi appeared on Coast 2 Coast not long ago and filled us in on some specifics and, to me, sounds pretty legit, especially since he invested only his own money in the project by selling his previous business and is not seeking funding like a scam artist might.  The bulk of the interview is with Ismael Aviso, creator of the Pure Energy Systems Wiki (PESWiki) website, who describes a number of other exciting developments in free energy engineering from gravity motors to magnet mototrs to Teslaesque style zero-point energy extractors.
(Part 1, follow the links for  parts 2 – 6)

A collection of frequently asked questions of Rossi are answered at PESWiki

and more questions, answered by Rossi in live chat, can be found here and even more here.

For updates on the progress of Rossi’s E-Cat check out


5/9 UPDATE:   A 25 minute segment aired on an Italian news channel detailing the history and current projects involving the E-Cat:

Next are some videos of different inventors and technologies, starting with of a demonstration of a powerful magnetic motor (one of many prototypes making the rounds these days).  This one is at The University of the Netherlands and is in English:
(10 min video)


And here is video explaining the discovery of MIT chemists Daniel Nocera and Matthew Kanan, which has been getting some mainstream attention, of a way to split water into oxygen and hydrogen using cobalt as a catalyst.  Yet another feasible method to replace ALL fossil fuel and nuclear fission sources of energy:

and to hear the approach and projections by the discoverer himself, Daniel Nocera, check out his fascinating and entertaining 20 minute PopTech presentation:

Now I know all of this makes you uncomfortably giddy inside, but to rekindle that good ol’ ferocious anger at our insane and genocidal system (grrr… ), you also need to see to see the following examples of how we are already capable of relinquishing ourselves from Old Energy using already established technologies,

with this article:

Germany’s solar panels produce more power than Japan’s entire Fukushima complex (!!!)

 and this video which states that

“Windmills are being shutdown because the North West has more electricity than the infrastructure can handle”

even though the West Coast still struggles with an ‘energy crisis.’




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