AnonOps: #OpESR Communication #1

13 03 2011



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14 03 2011
Jim Oleachea

I say, right on!! It’s time to burn the castles down……….!! Individuals/ corporations with too much money/power seem to want only one thing; MORE………

What’s more, these entities have no moral or ethical qualms about how they go about their business of amassing MORE.

They have no conscience, no sense of right or wrong, whatsoever!! Furthermore, these same evil entities have no sense of the immense pain they have created (are creating) throughout the entire planet.

These people are truly psychopathic in nature and need to be brought to their knees to prevent further degradation to the people of this planet.

14 03 2011

“we still have it, & will we show it again.”


2003 was amazing, not least of all for the lack of media coverage (we were too fast for them). Now we have: Operation Empire State Rebellion. Nothing has moved this far this fast among the people since the mezzanine times between 9/11 and Iraq invasion, the times before the state put their boot down on us and made their position clear.

Everyone who is already on their list has nothing to lose. Get out there and make it happen.

#OpESR for the twits among us :)

28 03 2011

any updates? Mar28 1:18pm PST, nothing over here.

28 03 2011
1 04 2011

Prepare For Revolution: The Empire State Rebellion | #OpESR | Disinformation via @disinfo

3 06 2011

UPDATE/ INFO for JUNE 14 PROTESTS David DeGraw reports on #OpESR U.S. protests in Ampedstatus ‘Acts of Resistance’

13 07 2011
doug houser

I think a terminally ill patriot of world citizenry terminating young Rothschild would be a nice start.

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