The Pathocrats

11 03 2011

Sociopaths (aka psychopaths) have biologically different brains which can be observed through brain scans and specific gene-markers.

Not all become ‘serial killers’.  Many learn at a young age that there is something different about them.  They don’t experience empathy like their peers do, so they learn to mimic and blend in.  As adults, they can shake your hand with a healthy grip and smile while looking you in the eye.

They are especially suited for careers that many people  aren’t as good at or simply don’t take because their morality prevents them.   Positions of power very much attract people with this affliction, because, like sadists & masochists who can only get emotional stimulus by seeing others suffer or by ‘cutting’ themselves, their reward circuits are wired abnormally.   And because they subconsciously feel themselves to be different from the majority, they tend to attract other sociopathic people and form coalitions, without even really know what it is their have in common.




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11 03 2011
Miguel Quintero

I agree their most defenitely ARE people born like this,no doubt,I have seen it.HOWEVER,,,,,,,,,I also believe it is a learned behavior.I shall give you a perfect example,Mickey Featherstone(now I believe in his 60’s),When Mickey was growing up,let’s just say he was a very polite ,articulate,(you get the idea),he liven in a impovershed area know in the 70’s as HELLS KITCHEN(wasn’t always a reality show folks)well to make a long story shorter,he had no history of violent tendencies,but alas..their were no jobs ,he ended up in Vietnam But when he came back to Hells Kitchen(NewYork),he had …well,the mindset of a psychopath,commited many murder’s.Him and Jimmy Coonan had their gang,the Westies,again to try to keep this post as short as possible,I wonder,did being in combat conditions all those years re-wire his brain?It is feasible,than again,it is possible he had a different kind of mental illness,just thought I would play devils advocate.

12 03 2011
Jenny Ryan

fear-inducing… plz check for some realism re: sociopathy. but cool rehardless, for sure bewares of it in you too! empathy is not a gift; it’s a skill.

12 03 2011
Evan 057

very interesting and thought-provoking. thanks Jenny.

12 03 2011

No, on this I do not agree. For a start this falls right into the mental illness myth and eugenics—which assert that people are genetically and biologically determined. So for example with the former they will for example say that a person is defective because they have ‘schizophrenia’ and then must take toxic medication for rest of their lives. But if you go into this–seeing through the bio-psychiatric/big pharma myth you will see people are really self-healing and need support and love–which on the whole this culture doesn’t provide, because its paradigm is a mechanistic model and worldview. Same goes for other so-called biolgically-caused ‘mental illnesses’. This myth lets this culture OFF the hook—because it just blames ‘defective people’ which it sees as machines

For the latter (which is of course connected with this) Eugenics—was the belief that there are people who are genetically inferior and thus would be forced to get steralized, and this was a big part of the Nazi horrors—torture, exterminations.

An example of a serial killer. Checkout Richard Ramiriz–his life story. Here’s some important pointers. In his mum’s womb—they lived downwin from where they tested nukes, she worked in a building that had toxic fumes; he was a lovely little boy who would dance to the raido; his father beats him, and his siblings in front of him; he is brought up catholic, and gets a fixation on the ‘devil’; his cousin who had been in Vietnam war becomes his mentor and shows him depraved photographs of captive females, young and old, he had raped, mutilated, and murdered. This was at the age Ramiriz was becoming sexual, and he began to associate sex with this depravity; this cousin also shows him how to kill effectively; when he gets later teens he gets into cocaine, and hangs out with other addicts etc and begins robbing at first and THEN steps over the line to murder, and then goes on from there.

So see how complex this is! it is NOT people who are ‘deifferent than ‘us’—that is a cop out. That lets you off the hook—you can scapegoat ‘them’ from ‘us’. And that way not look about OUR responsibility with how we are in this world.

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