Clare S. Wilkins: Data & Observations from Four-Hundred Ibogaine Sessions

11 03 2011

Clare S. Wilkins, an ibogaine therapist and researcher, gives a phenomenal presentation about the dynamics, causes and treatments of addiction, at the 2010 NYC conference, Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics.  A must-see for anyone interested in addiction or ibogaine.

“Four-Hundred Ibogaine Sessions: Data on Detoxification, Recidivism, and Quality of Life.”





One response

12 03 2011

WOW!!!!! This is an AMAZING talk. I was totally absorbed throughout. This is so important to hear!
At the end, the first lot of questioners I personally found boring, but WUU when we go over to the other end of the room, the last guy made up for it, and her answer was really good, and her example of that white supremacist and his fundamental world-view change thanks to Iboga (I wont say what its about so wont ruin it for any readers who read this first lol) Just gave me this all-over shiver of the sacredness of the question, answer, Ibogaine, and the real deep meaning of all this.

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