How Does a Western Revolution Begin? … like this:

9 03 2011

In the English County Court of Birkenhead, over 500 protesters stormed a courtroom and attempted to make a citizens’ arrest on a judge in support of a man challenging his council tax bill.

Will these kind of valiant efforts of an awakened minority kindle the open and honest expression of rational fury that is boiling under pressure amidst the general populace?

If we are loved by God than the only answer is Yes.

For exemplary reporting on this event and how it pertains to our experience of the next couple couple years, I eagerly refer you tou Charlie Veitch, founder of the Love Police:

and for some extra content on the March 26th walk out, watch this video released a day before:

Don’t be so painfully stupid America and Western world!!!   We have our own dictators to topple! Not the executioner-in-chief Obama or whoever the current dumbed-down plastic puppet LIAR may be, but those rulers of the CENTRAL BANKS… THE FEDERAL RESERVE… the here&now wage-slave-drivers that fight to impose this hideous machine upon us that is designed to torture us and our children and grandchildren while ferociously raping to death this living planet.

How much much longer can we let our our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers sit sickly before their very own brutal slaughter????  Hasn’t history been flayed and humiliated enough?  What deranged and horrible lengths of unfathomable abuses of power await us if we do not STAND UP NOW????

I am tired of this nightmare.   It is time time for me wake up…. and I hope to meet you all in the real world.




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