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26 02 2011

Fly through shroomy candlestick columns of arabesque cellular temples in this new Mandelspace fractal rendered by Brummbaer.




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26 02 2011

just in case you missed this UFO Brazil 2011

some are saying it is a hoax, but this commenter offer the translation and personal comment about it:
translation: “Man, I told you I was seeing something. LOOK AT THIS, MAN!! LOOK AT THIS!! F**k!! You won’t believe what zooming in on it is showing. You’re not seeing anything if you aren’t looking at the camera. Rafa, it’s turning, man!! WTF!!! The battery is dying, s**t!!! It’s going down, man!! It’s going down,man!!!” 

personal comment:

As a person who is fluent in Portuguese, I can assure you that this was no fake. One of the guys even wanted to leave right away after the big fireball, he was so terrified!! Also, the guy recording the thing kept cursing and freaking out at what he was seeing. This video is legit. There’s no two ways about it.

26 02 2011
Evan 057

thanks. i have heard they like to hide in clouds. this similar to other recent sightings in US were there are dropping flare-like objects. however i thought the same thing about the reactions being so real in the jerusalem ufo videos, but those seem to have been debunked. it’s so hard to tell these days with computer graphics being so advanced and available on any laptop.

26 02 2011
Evan 057

fuckin love it bro. thanks :)

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