Trailer: Stepping Into The Fire

19 01 2011

This seems to point toward how high-end psychedelic documentaries are going to become:

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20 01 2011

Another step into commercializing Ayahuasca and it`s benefits by corrupting this medicine and making a lot of money with it. Ayahuasca is served free without any financial interest in circles where Ayahuasca is used honestly.

23 01 2011

Personally, I find the emergence of these holotropic, entheogenic substances into the mainstream to be a breath of fresh air, and very exciting. Anything created with an intention of reaching a broad audience, generally needs to be done in a respectable way. Today, and-I agree-unfortunately, money runs our planet. But, this documentary’s subject matter is already socially taboo. There have been many low budget documentaries about similar issues: psychedelics, healing, consciousness, etc. and they usually don’t get into any big theaters, nor become very publicly popular. I don’t know if “Stepping Into the Fire” is a super high-budget documentary (although it looks like it), but if something is going to penetrate into the mainstream, reaching a large audience, and thus, affecting awareness on a grander scale, it needs to be respectable to that general audience. Meaning, it needs to involve money. It sucks, but, for the time being, it’s necessary. I wouldn’t quite call it commercializing.

2 03 2011

Thank you for your post.
but you should be aware that I, funded this movie, and I also built a non for profit center in peru calles shimbre and unlike those commerical ayahuasca centers, we primarily Sponsor people in need, people who are on their last legs in life, we fly them to peru and treat them for free. I did this because upon building shimbre i was sickened by what i saw as an industry of ayahuasca, which i wanted no part of.
i appreciate your concerns and i agree with you, but this film is NOT part of the commericialization of ayahuasca… its about helping humanity
much love

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