The Cultural Mobius Strip & Psychedelic Mechanics (Erik Davis & James Kent videos)

15 01 2011

I found this talk given by Erik Davis at the 2010 Horizons Conference in NYC a very enjoyable and accurate delineation of the psychedelic renaissance landscape:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In the video, Erik describes James Kent’s Psychedelic Information Theory, which you can learn more about from watching his excellent presentation at the 2010 Psychedelic Science Conference in San Jose:

Vodpod videos no longer available.



One response

16 01 2011

The Erik Davis talk is VERY interesting and I’d like to offer a small review. Actually you putting these vids up shows me we are telepathically linked for sure :))) Because very recently I have come across James Kent’s Psychedelic Theory—-In the past I have attempted to read it online but after a while it starts pissin me off because of its technical emphasis, but I am doing a blog titled The Myth of Mental Illness and the War Against Entheogens, and was going to make an effort. I though I would Google his name in with ‘OBEs and NDEs’ to get a fastrack of where he’s at. And he basically –like i though–doesn’t like the idea of ‘out there”—consciousness&energy or whatever you want to term ‘it’ as–walking/flying/being aware, but does like it walking round the mind. So in that respect he is a physicalist–albeit one who acknowledges a spiritual aspect as long as it’s ‘in here’ lol

Anyway, to the review of Erik’s talk: I like how he is saying that the pursuance of the sacred question inso science and vice verse will push the boundaries of both. That if you look at the isms of our past—you often see then categorized into on one side materialistic ideas and on other idealistic, and what psychedelics can inspires is more of an immanent understanding of reality

The first questioner asked a GREAt question–which Erik had a struggle to dig for a while. How earth=based spiritual people did NOT have a problem with sacred vegetation being connected with the Goddess and Gods. In fact eeating the sacred fruit has an ancient Greek term where we get our greek term ‘enthusiasm’ which somehow got translated from its greek form to ‘possession’–but it literally mean being enthused/inspired by the sacred.

Erik’s answer seems very muddled—all over the place, and he says he struggled with the ‘sacred mushroom version of origins of sacred experience’. Saying that contradicted the first part of what he said. And if he does the research he will find out that there was no division between the vegetal world and the Goddess. Earth and universe IS Goddess–is the sacred, dramatically different from the world-denying forms of paganism and monotheism which puts the sacred on a lofty mountain or in the heavens far away from ‘mortal’ nature. So this is very important to dig.

Thanks for these videos :)))

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