Raw Foods Raid

15 12 2010



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15 12 2010

Three Truths:

(1) There is an ongoing depopulation agenda going on world-wide. The PTB do not want you obtaining health with raw foods. They want you gone.

(2) Alternative co-ops such as this one take away money from Big Agriculture, and don’t contribute lobby money to our “legislators”. Alternative co-ops therefore are not “paying customers” to the PTB. The “paying customers” receive “protection” from the PTB by eliminating the competition (co-ops like you see in this video).

(3) You live in a Police State. Face it, and don’t pretend it isn’t so.

16 12 2010

I recently read that the FDA changed its name to that to conceal its previous Chemical industry affiliations (I have forgot where I have noted this. If I remember I’ll put link here). So it is clear that it really is about promoting chemicals in food. So natural food threatens their whole ethos. Hence their irrational ongoing attack on marijuana and other plants and fungi etc which are really sacred medicine!

They also promote fast food and junk foods that are specifically designed chemically to have people wanting to eat more and more. This causes the massive obesity problem affecting the U.S. and other ‘developed’ AND ‘developing’ countries.

Obesity causes disease, and this will further the profits of the CHEMICAL pharmaceutical industry and so on http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/ama.htm

It just all falls into place–their sorry sad toxic game–when you know they are really just about pushing chemicals on us and raking if PROFIT!

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