Sex, Lies, Iran, Israel and WikiLeaks

13 12 2010

Excellent summary and well-phrased observations:

“Anyone with an IQ above 90 and an internet connection knows than 9/11 could not have happened the way the world was told that it happened.”




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14 12 2010

YES. I was real shocked when I discovered Julian Assange suggested in the interview he believes the official conspiracy theory. I would like to see him challenged on this—but he is err otherwise engaged at the moment

16 12 2010

The contents has antisemitic notion…

17 12 2010

“The contents has antisemitic notion…”

Yes. Very MUCH so. And I have challenged that in a thread of this video–not sure if its same uploaders as the one above. And I have got hostile come-back
From Lawson and someone else. They will attack ‘Zionism’ but do not like you mentioning the injustices if Isalmic Shariah Law where it is legal to whip, stone, and abuse women to death, hang gay people, and minors, cut ‘criminals’ limbs off, and do ‘eye for an eye’ punishment. One guy sreamed in text–“DONT JUDGE!!! THAT IS THEIR LAW!!!” Ie, he thought it much better to scapegoat the Jews for all the evils of this world. neo Nazis will join hands with that!

17 12 2010
Evan 057

One can not fully appreciate the triunal singularity of the monotheistic schools until one has apprehended the fundamental contribution each one is making to the unified sacred mystery, as well as a thorough and precise awareness how Judaica, Christism & Islam (which literally translates to ‘towards peace’, or, even more literally, ‘submission to the divine feminine’) have ALL been mistranslated and weaponized and poised perfectly equally in annihilating themselves and each other. If you’re thinking one has cause more or less crime than the others in the past 5000 years, you’re caught in a rut and probably biased.

17 12 2010
Evan 057

Admitted, however; this video definitely has an anti-Israeli government streak running through it. But that doesn’t bother me so much because so do many, many orthodox and observant Jews; partly because the very premise of Israel is expressedly laid out in the Torah, let alone the Talmud, as strictly forbidden, and partly because untethered government-sponsored racism & mass murder generally doesn’t sit well in religious philosophy after a brief digestion.

BTW, I have no opinion on this wikileaks news-fad yet. I thought the above video gave a pretty convincing argument for staying lucid and wary while this “diplomat chat” expose dissipates….
Of course, I pray that I am wrong and this wikileaks news-frenzy leads to something that significantly initiates observable change.

29 12 2010
Evan 057

Still not convinced on this wikileaks thing. If something smells fishy you should remember to ask, who benefits? In this case, nothing has changed. The US Governement has agreed to spend on military spending this coming years than mankind has ever spent before. These leaks have not shown us anything we didn’t already know 5 years ago. The only significant change that seems to be coming out of all this is the enactment of internet regulations.

I’m still hoping something of value will be extracted from all this.

29 12 2010

As I said somewheres above–or it may have been my own blog–cause I posted about Wikileaks–I became suspicious when I read thaty Julian Assange accepted the official 9/11 ‘explanation’ !
HOWEVER—if you dig that one of the things used to justify secrecy and all sorts of bad shit goings on–is The National Security Act which came about in the 1940s. This was the rise to power for the military industrial complex—they just repeat the mantra—‘it is national security’
SO—Wikileaks is basically doing the proper journalists job of revealing what is going on and bypassing the propaganda of self-censorship and enforced censorship which the national security act BS imposes.

But I would like to personally communicate with Julian about his passe attitude toward 9/11 because that very much enforces the national security act propaganda, and most definately does NOT give security. In fact it reveals who the real fukin enemy IS!

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