Rise of the CBD Strains

26 11 2010

This article takes a look at some fascinating information regarding the cannabinoid; cannabidiol (CBD).  For instance, a recent study testing the short term memory of 134 students stoned on CBD-rich cannabis as opposed to cannabis with little CBD showed that their short-term memory of the CBD pot smokers was not impacted at all by being stoned but the those stoned on pot with only high levels of THC had the stereotyped effect of short-term memory loss.

The findings fit into a growing library of data demonstrating the possible health benefits of CBD, which is naturally found in marijuana. CBD appears to fend off cancerous tumors, prevent diabetes and epileptic seizures, and protect nerve cells from degradation. It doesn’t combat the effects of THC, the ingredient in marijuana that causes a “high,” and can even prevent anxiety.


ProjectCBD, a group that promotes research on the medical utility of CBD, and the San Francisco Patient and Resource Center, a medical marijuana supplier, provide the THC and CBD levels of several strains of cannabis on their websites. This information has limited applicability, however, since what passes for “Purple Diesel” in Los Angeles isn’t necessarily the same weed as “Purple Diesel” in San Francisco, let alone New York.

Read the article at ScienceLine.org.

Learn more about the emerging CBD-rich strains at Project CBD.




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