Scientists: The Bravest and the Baddest

17 11 2010

The Guardian runs a kick-ass photographic collection of “the bravest, maddest, baddest scientists the world has known, and the things they have done in the pursuit of knowledge and in the teeth of adversity”

including the guy who stuck his head in a particle accelerator and other self-experimenters such as Timothy Leary, Amanda Fielding.

The world’s hardest scientists

[bwo Daily Grail]




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21 11 2010

Just in case you dont know man, your latest blog isn’t working. It is showing up as an error

25 11 2010

They left Sasha Shulgin out. He just suffered from a mild stroke:

21 11 2013

Yes indeed, this is an inseretting article. I just recently had a salvia trip, and believe it or not, I did not know salvia was a psychedelic. But I sure figured it out once I was back from my trip. It wasn’t scary at all and it didn’t taste bad when smoked. There’s a lot to say about my trip, but the only thing ill say is that everyone should try it at least once. (Of course, only if you’re a marijuana smoker.) Its just another experience and it sure is a trip. :)

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