New BioVisions Animation: The Mitochondria

13 11 2010

A new biomolecular movie has been released from the same Harvard team that brought us the phenomenal Inner Life of the Cell.  This video is also 100% atomically accurate and depicts the mitochondria which provide the chemical energy that powers the cells of animals (and also have their own DNA because they were originally a separate organism before symbiotically fusing with animal cells).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For more animations such as The Inner Life of the Cell or this fantastic portrayal of cellular apoptosis, check out





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16 11 2010

While I’m a big fan of the BioVisions productions, I have to say that including the statement “This video is also 100% atomically accurate” is a bit of a stretch. Even though the structures inside the movie may be based on atomic-level detail of actual proteins in mitochondria, the density of things inside the cell is nowhere near the near-vacuum level shown for illustrative purposes in these films.

Consider as an alternative the excellent, but substantially more low-tech drawings of David Goodsell, like the following picture of the inside of a bacteria

These movies are great for instructional purposes, but please people don’t think this is actually what the inside of a cell looks like, or exactly how these proteins move around to do their jobs.

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