Soma-shroom-enhanced art experience for sale in Berlin

25 10 2010

via Clark Heinrich via Gawker:

Carsten Holler, the artist who made the hanging Amanita sculptures–

Is now offering the “soma” experience for a price:

Soon You Can Pay $1,400 To Eat Magic Mushrooms

A new installation at Berlin’s Museum for Contemporary Art, by Carsten Höller, will soon offer vistiors a chance to pay 1,000 euros to eat shrooms and sleep in a “floating hotel room on a platform shaped like a mushroom.”

Boy, what a deal! The Museum told Reuters that Höller’s installation offers people the “opportunity to dive into the world of soma” — by drinking a mixture containing fly agaric mushroom and tripping out for the night in the museum. It opens on November 5, and promises to provide plenty of great stories (we hope).

Still, $1,400 to spend a night on shrooms? That’s just a tad bit steep, no?





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