Shpongle – I am you

23 10 2010

Really stellar live performance by the Shpongle Orchestra: beautiful, trippy, entrancing music and nice video too!
Totally worth the full full 10 minutes… and check out Simon Posford’s very agreeable hat and the funky instruments Raja Ram starts playing at 6:52!

[Full screen, 720p recommended]





3 responses

25 10 2010

Thanks for the nice video…a really trippy live act, even if I’m a little perplexed about costumes and dancing moves….

25 10 2010
Evan 057

Usually when a niche artist begins to augment their work to suit larger audiences they end up losing so much of their originality and quality, but in the case Shpongle / Simon Posford, I rather like the way he is ‘selling out’ and introducing the shroomy sound to the masses. lol!

24 11 2013

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