29 07 2010

I’m moving right now from Santa Cruz to Berkeley (I’ll be working on degrees there for phyto-genetics and neurobiology) so I’ve been kinda caught up with relocating and school transferring, plus I just wanted to take a break from blogging.  But I’ve got lots of cyber-goodies and info-novelty to share with you all so after I settle in and find a new job and prepare for the upcoming semester I will begin posting lots of mind-expanding and heart-inspiring links here at Teleomorph.  So keep me bookmarked or in your feeds cause Teleomorph will return within the next couple weeks!




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29 07 2010

Congratulations on Berkeley! Of the short time that i was able to converse with you in Merrill’s Sustainability class at cabrillo, I was astounded by the level and scope of your conscious understandings and the path that you are following. I have greatly appreciated you blog here and the plethora of topics/ information. I truly hope to stay connected with you and your blog, as the areas of life/ psychedelia, altered states/ MAPS/ and spiritual awareness has amplified for me since i’ve met you… Thanks alot brother, good luck in the bay, excited to catch some of the info that you are disseminating through your own experience and awareness…
Be well,
Alec D.

29 07 2010
Evan 057

Thanks a lot Alec!!

1 08 2010

Eagerly awaiting your return.


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