How Weed Won The West

24 04 2010

How Weed Won The West is fascinating and beautifully made documentary from the makers of the critically acclaimed American Drug War.  Detailing the rich history of California cannabis culture with provocative commentary from Alex Jones, Ethan Nadelman and others and keeping the serious nature of the drug war in sharp focus while maintaining an air of light-hearted hilarity.   Highly recommended.






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25 04 2010
5 05 2010

Unfortunately, this documentary was ruined by the participation of that crackpot Alex Jones.

7 05 2010
Evan 057

Jones has proven to be quite pivotal in the in the planet-wide awakening process. Yes, he fear-mongers, but he is also responsible for a tremendous amount of honesty and rational thought on a very large scale. His predictions come true, he breaks stories way before the mainstream media, and he is one of the most prominent anti-war activists out there. “Crackpot” is a pathetic criticism.

8 05 2010

Alex Jones has been pivotal in nothing except spreading crackpot conspiracy theories. It’s foolish for cannabis advocates to associate with him in any way. I wouldn’t recommend this video to anyone due to his participation.

8 05 2010
Evan 057

What specifically is it that he has said that irked you so? Just curious what exactly you consider to be “crackpot” conspiracy theories.

4 07 2010
Evan 057

WTH?? Are you (JoE) seriously trying to disconnect political motivations from those associated with drug-culture?? Either you are paid junk-cash by the C-I-A or D-E-A or you have some serious ‘splaining to do’.

29 06 2011
How Weed Won the West (2010) | All Films Blog

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