April Novelty Piñata

24 04 2010

Software composes beautiful and haunting melodies.  Conceptions of reality challenged.

Over 100 unusual Earth instruments with pictures & samples.

30 documented little known facts about America everyone should know.

3D Islamic architectural geometry?  Or lucid DMT flash?  (skip to 2:04)

Björk and Michel Gondry working on 3D IMAX project!

Reflecting reality, Mexico’s Museum of Drugs outgrows it’s space.

20 Subversive Works of Urban Guerrilla Street Art.

Reason.TV interviews Amy Alkon about clever Libertarian approaches to a rude society.

Scientists can turn off brain’s ‘morality center‘ with magnets.  Does this mean it’s possible to turn it on as well?  Mushroom tea anyone?

Also, a mysterious genetic anomaly leads to lack of racial bias and stereotyping.

This same gene appears to a play pivotal role in human intelligence.

The Mash-Up and the music industry are investigated in RIP: A Remix Manifesto.

Fascism in the USA:  The Utah Rave Incident (with Video)

Wade Davis on paradigms, aboriginal dreaming, and ritual gestures.

Preview of The Mindscape of Alan Moore.

During first contact, Paul Davies will bear responsibility of being the human ambassador.





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